Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 70s Watches (But Were Afraid To Ask)


For international Sales,

We Accept PayPal Payments or Bank Transfer  only.

if interested please contact  in order to arrange payments.

Make sure You have a Confirmed Paypal Adress.

In Case that you Dont, please Email Your Desired Delivery Adress On payment Form.

All sales are Final.

We Provide Worldwide shipments.

National shipping costs are included on the price

International Shipping and Handling Costs with Available Tracking Number Are:

For Large Packets,Vintage items and Boxed Watches 29EUR/(21GBP).

Small, Lightweight & Non Boxed Items 16EUR/(12GBP).

This rates are aproximate

depending on every particular item shiping costs

may vary up or down

If You Are Still Unsure About Shipping costs for any particular item,

please email any questions BEFORE Payment.

Delivery times May be different upon destination,

Please Allow up to 14 Business days in some cases.

All Items For Sale, Are Overstock Unsold items From Our shops.

in New, Unworn, Exposition Only, or New Old Stock Condition,

Unless otherwise stated.

Some Items may have up to 30 years of shelf life,

much more if its a Vintage item.

Vintage Goods are sold Tested and shipped in the best Cosmetic state possible,

and unless stated, in working condition, but due age its adviced to be Checked/serviced after a long trip.

Vintage watches are not new, and need to be serviced and cared after, more often than a new item

they are sold As-is, and we are not responsible of Further adjustments or accuracy matters

Their Value reside Mainly in their collectability .

Even if an Electric item may reach you in Working order,

(Lithium Batteries may remain with charge for about 20 years in standby mode)

Any battery operated items listed will always need to be serviced, with a fresh new one to function properly.

On New Casio Watches Remember ALWAYS to replace batteries at an Official Dealer,

Otherwise you would lose Waterproof Seals & Guarantee.


All Items Are Sold AS-IS so All Sales are Final.

We try to describe all items the best possible way, to avoid any confussions.

Some photographs may be for reference only,

and some items reflected may not be included in the Sale.

Always Read Descriptions Closely,

and feel free to email any asking questions you may have,

We will gladly answer them as soon as possible.

7 comentarios

  1. Alessandra

    Hi, I’m interesting in buying from you an original spaceman audacieuse from the ’70 with stainless steel bracelet…have you got any to sell?

    Thank you,

    20 febrero, 2012 en 23:03

    • Alessandra

      sorry…I forgot to flag the reply per e-mail option…thank you.

      20 febrero, 2012 en 23:05

  2. Hi Alessandra, Dont worry,

    The Spaceman watches from my collection are my Favourites and very rare to trace,
    As Most 99% of what you see popping at ebay are cheap fake chinese replicas
    therefore normally they are not for sale,

    But i think i got one Spaceman Audacieuse model repeated in my collection i might been able to sell, i am going to check this out and get back to you later..

    21 febrero, 2012 en 20:25

    • Alessandra

      good! Thank you,

      waiting for news from you.


      21 febrero, 2012 en 20:32

  3. Yep, just checked and I have one catena Audacieuse in burgundy (Candy red) dial
    i might be able to sell , as i have others with similar configuration

    its a windup with day, and with the squared backplate, so that makes it a 1974, Spaceman Audacieuse Model

    let me know if interested, and tomorrow i send you some photos to your Mail


    21 febrero, 2012 en 23:23

    • Alessandra

      ok, thank you!
      Yes, if it’s original made in 1974 (and not a following replica), I’m interested. So I’ll wait for your pictures and info in my e.mail address.
      Please be so kind to send pictures also of the back, of the clasp of the bracelet and of the movement.
      Thank you and have a nice day!

      22 febrero, 2012 en 13:26

  4. Sending you a mail right now

    im a collector, not interested in replicas, obviously none of my watches are.


    22 febrero, 2012 en 15:29


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