Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 70s Watches (But Were Afraid To Ask)





TITONI Y TITUS son marcas que generalmente eran comercializadas en el mercado asiatico y que compartian basicamente diseños con sus filiales suizas (FELCA) por lo que no veo necesidad de comentarlas mucho

Tan solo destacar que su creador Fritz Schluep,

fundó en Grenchen al pie de las montañas Jura, su compania en 1919
con tan solo 3 empleados

Y que a partir de su compañia “madre” Felca que ya veremos en la “F”
popularizo la marca en asia principlamente con el lanzamiento en 1955
del Maharajah de 41 RUBIES

Modelos destacados de la marca fuero sobre todo:

el AIRMASTER de 1969 25j

Modelo conmemorativo de la llegada de Apollo a la Luna.

Versión Titoflex Azul

el CosmoKing Rotomatic de 1970

el RaceKing de 1971

un crono muy setentero al estilo de los Yema de la epoca que ya hemos visto antes o del Tanis que os acabo de mostrar

el Seascoper DE 1979

Un Bonito Diver de 25 Rubies, doble datario y bisel exterior

o el Spacestar de 1980

muy al estilo de los seiko ” Monaco” de la epoca.

Schützengasse 18
2540 Grenchen

Phone +41 32 654 57 00
Fax +41 32 654 57 01




Titus o SOLVIL et TITUS era una compañia de Paul Ditisheim (1868-1945), un relojero muy conocido e inventor, que fue una figura muy prominente en la industria relojera suiza de su tiempo. En 1887, nombró a uno de los primeros modelos que él creó, Titus, y por lo tanto la marca Solvil et Titus nació. Solvil, una abreviatura de Sonvilier, es el pueblo de Jura en el que una fábrica para la fabricación de componentes del reloj de pie y Tito era un gran talento y cualificados emperador romano del siglo primero. Ditisheim se interesó enormemente en investigación y fabricación de cronómetros, y tuvo un gran éxito en ello, lo demuestra el hecho de que sus productos para mantener los registros de precisión en lo que a juicio de las pruebas de prestigio internacional llevada a cabo por los Observatorios Real de Kew-Teddington y Neuchâtel. Sus productos varió en gran medida de los relojes de navegación-se propuso  fabricar cronómetros con visualización automática de la hora del amanecer y el atardecer al minuto cada día, desde relojes con calendario perpetuo a cronómetros con las ecuaciones de tiempo y muchos otros relojes con características complicadas.

En los 70 la marca paso a ser propiedad de un conglomerado Asiático y sus diseños tienen mucho exito en Hong kong y muchos otros paises de la Zona

Modelos destacados de los 70 serian los




Con movimiento omega y con y sin bisel exterior





TITONI and TITUS are trademark Brands from Switzerland which were usually sold in the Asian market,

and they shared designs as the were basically subsidiaries of Swiss (FELCA) so I see no need to comment much,

Just note that its creator Fritz Schluep, founded in Grenchen, at the foot of the valley of Jura mountains, his company in 1919 with only 3 employees

and was a company from “mother” Felca so we’ll see more in the “F”.

Titoni popularized the brand in Asia Mainly with the launch in 1955 the Maharajah, a watch with 41 JEWELS

Featured Models from the brand in the gallery are

the 1969 25j AIRMASTER (commemorative model of the arrival of Apollo to the Moon).

A Blue Titoflex version

A CosmoKing  Rotomatic 1970

Their famous RaceKing from 1971

(a very seventies style cronograph pretty similar to the Yema Models we’ve seen before or Tanis watches )

A Seascope, from 1979

( Beautiful Diver of 25 jewels, double lessee and outer bezel)

or the  Spacestar of 1980 much alike the seiko “Monaco” of the time.

Schützengasse 18
2540 Grenchen

Phone +41 32 654 57 00
Fax +41 32 654 57 01



Higlighted models in the galery are the Titus Matic series, the Titus Calypsomatic, and the Titus Turning fork models, with Omega movements, with and without external bezel.

Paul Ditisheim (1868-1945), a well-known watchmaker and inventor, was an extremely prominent figure in the Swiss watch industry of his time.

In 1887, he named one of the initial models he created, Titus, and thus the brand Solvil et Titus was born.

Solvil, an abbreviation of Sonvilier, is the Jura village in which a factory for making watch components stood and Titus was a highly talented and skilled Roman Emperor of the first century.

Ditisheim was immensely interested in researching and manufacturing chronometers, and was extremely successful at it, demonstrated by the fact that his products hold records for precision as deemed by the prestigious international trials carried out by the Royal Observatories of Kew-Teddington and Neuchâtel.

His products ranged greatly from navigational-purposed watches to chronometers with automatic display of sunrise and sunset time to the minute each day; from watches with perpetual calendars to ones that could strike and incorporated chimes, from chronometers with equations of time to many others with many complicated features.

Marketed under approximately thirty brands, all of these chronometers and watches substantiated his creativity, skill and innovational abilities.In 1930, Ditisheim handed Solvil et Titus over to Paul-B. Vogel, who foresaw the necessities of broadening the market for watches and of creating an international distribution system. As the demand for exclusive articles was being overtaken by the mass market demand and assisted by the fact that the Swiss watch industry made impressive progress after World War Two, Solvil et Titus expanded. This meant an approach consisting of more dynamic commercial methods as well as a revolution in watch conception and manufacturing.

Between 1950 and 1970, the watch market developed rapidly throughout the world. In 1963, the Société des Garde-Temps S.A (SGT) was created, and Solvil et Titus became one of the members of this important group. New geographic, sociological and economic markets started to appear and in the 70s, Solvil et Titus was made available in the Asian market.

Solvil et Titus launched its first series of romantic TV commercials in 1988, starring diva Anita Mui.

Evoking a love story set in old Shanghai, the debut campaign promoted a watch line based on the theme of antiquity and proved immensely successful. As a result, sales of Solvil et Titus watches skyrocketed, with the brand becoming a symbol of romantic expression. Even today, the Chinese advertising slogan (translated as “Love lost is perhaps the love that remains with you for all time”) is widely remembered.

The Solvil et Titus brand image was reinforced and enhanced by a further series of extremely compelling and moving advertisements. Featuring superstars such as Dave Wang Chieh, Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau as well as world-renowned footballer Ryan Giggs, they have become classics of Hong Kong’s advertising industry. After its success in Hong Kong, Solvil et Titus expanded its sales and marketing activities to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Mainland China.

Since then, Solvil et Titus has become a popular watch brand throughout the region.

Nevertheless, the public’s attitude towards love was influenced by changes taking place in the society.

People were more reluctant to make a commitment to a lifelong love.

As a trendy brand, Solvil et Titus redefined its brand image and adopted a new slogan “Follow My Own Time” to appeal to the independent nature of the modern society. Still synonymous with love, the positioning of the brand was not confined to romance, but also embraced the love of family and friends as well as the concept of self-respect. Along with its new identity, the brand launched a striking brand campaign in 2003, successively featuring Sammi Cheng and Karen Mok, the icons of stylish and individualistic modern women.

The design of the watches also became more contemporary to cater to the taste of the young and the young-at-heart.

Together, Solvil et Titus represents a brand name of a watch company whose international reputation has grown steadily over the years. The renown the company enjoys today is not only due to its founder’s inventive genius, but also to the quality of their various watch components.

Throughout its six years, Solvil et Titus has shared the topic of “love” with modern women through the use of its celebrity ambassadors. This has not only enhanced the brand’s status in the fashion and accessories market, but has also forged a closer relationship with its customers.

Re-emphasising the brand’s romantic nature, Solvil et Titus launched an integrated brand campaign under the slogan “Time is Love” this summer. It invites modern men and women to share their points of view towards, and their experiences about, love. The campaign began with a “Time is Love” survey, with the results announced in June. The survey was conducted in April by Synovate, an authoritative international research company, and covered nine cities from three countries – Mainland China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou), Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang).

Approximately 1,200 men and women aged between 20 and 36 were interviewed about their opinions towards the correlation between among love, time and money.

The survey results were disclosed in a series of teaser advertisements in newspapers and outdoor media to arouse public interest. Details of the survey results can also be viewed on timeislove.com.hk and parallel websites in the other districts. Following the “Time is Love” survey, Solvil et Titus launched its first brand advertising visual in late June. The two taglines featured in the advertisement – “Take a lifetime to find love?” and “Seize a moment for passion?”, have brought about the contrasting attitudes towards love. The rabbit and wolf images used in the visuals also symbolized women of different personalities.

The advertisement was aimed at igniting the audience to examine their own attitude towards time and love, and voice their views on online discussion boards. The campaign successfully enhanced interactive communication between Solvil et Titus and its audience, as well as the brand image among its group of target customers.


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  1. Hi there,

    I only managed to find some traces of the Titoni watch on your nicely done blog. You labeled it “spacestar de 1980”

    Will you be able to tell me more about this watch? Is there any significant and what’s the value of this watch… I think I’ve been cheated by some con man.

    Thanks in advance! My

    Sean K.

    28 marzo, 2011 en 20:16

  2. 00441952840273

    I bought a Titus 6050 extremely thin manually winding watch in 1964. I have never seen another one at that time, since or on the internet. Is there anything that can be said about it?

    19 agosto, 2011 en 19:05

    • hi there, dont recognize the model, uploading a photo could help

      best regards

      19 agosto, 2011 en 21:42

      • 00441952840273

        how would I do that? Have the pictures but can’t think of how to pass these on through this platform

        22 agosto, 2011 en 19:25

      • hi mate,

        you can upload a photo to any server website, like tinipic picasa or whatever..

        and then copy paste the link here

        i am on holidays right now, but i promise to take a look to your watch


        24 agosto, 2011 en 21:48

  3. 00441952840273

    Please follow this link to see the photos of the watch:


    28 agosto, 2011 en 20:55

  4. Lovely watch Jonathan, and in pretty good shape too..!
    thanks for sharing..

    you said you purchased it in 1964?,
    here is and ad from 1965


    also earlier 50s models sported the same Style of logo in the dial


    the 6050 number in the backplate seems to be a serial number
    and not the model name..let us know what kind of movement sports if you ever open it
    17 jewell handwind was a standart at the era

    29 agosto, 2011 en 18:26

  5. 00441952840273

    I am Helmut actually. Jon is my son who provided the IT expertise. The watch is in perfect condition and I wear it every day. The handwind movement was supposed to be the thinnest ever but I’ve still not seen another of this model, neither a picture. I am going to the horologist in Shrewsbury soon and will have a look at the movement with them and revert with the information.

    30 agosto, 2011 en 13:57

  6. Great, pleased to meet you helmut,

    i guessed so, your son looks way too young to purchase a watch in 1964, thats why i looked surprised 🙂

    keep us updated about the movement, and take a photo of it if possible..its indded a rare watch.

    30 agosto, 2011 en 21:09

    • 00441952840273

      We had a look and is has indeed 17 jewells. The movment is a jewell as well, quite wonderful but forgot to take a picture. Will do so at the next opportunity

      24 septiembre, 2011 en 10:48


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