Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 70s Watches (But Were Afraid To Ask)





Vamos con otro de los que no se ven muy a menudo..

El Sicura Satellite de 1975,  era otro de los relojes de Ernest Schneider que se salian de la norma,

y no solo por su gran tamaño de 44mm

XD..esto no es una trotadora.. es el ancla del titanic!! 

70s watches uk,  tiene una unica unidad disponible en su sitio web.


El movimiento que tracciona esa inmensa trotadora

no es otro que el usual sicura brevets BF758 31/7

que no es mas que la version firmada por sicura del Rondamatic 1239-21

View picture in original sizeView picture in original sizeView picture in original size


Aqui teneis una bonita pareja, El modelo de caballero y de señora juntos, como veis

el modelo de señora con esa trotadora es “todo Ancla”



sin duda una pieza con un diseño inusual,
y bastante “rara de ver” de por sí, 

la parejita junta.. mucho mas.

os dejo con unos scans de calidad de una unidad encontrada en Watch Hunters Canada

Disfrutad y cuidado con esa trotadora no os vaya a saltar un ojo!!!

Unit found at Watch Hunters Canada  website.



Lets go with another Sicura you dont seen very often ..

The Sicura Satellite From 1975,
was another of those Ernest Schneider watches thats leapt out of the norm,
and not only for its massive size of 44mm

Jesus!!.. this is not a seconds hand… is the anchor of the Titanic!!!

During the early 70s, general fascination with space age and futuristic concepts produced some really interesting time pieces.  Although Sicura and Breitling had a relationship for many years, we would not go as far to say that this watch is a Breitling.  However, still very cool.

The Sicura Satellite is one of those.  A large case with a very unique second hand.  As you can see from the photos, the center sweeping second hand features a very large orange arrow.  one may wonder how that massive seconds hand works, but it does.

Seems that Watches uk 70s, has a unique copy available on its website.


The movement that pulls that huge Seconds hand,is none other than the usual brevets sicura BF758 31/7

which is nothing more than the version signed by sicura of  the Rondamatic 1239-21


Certainly a piece with an unusual design and quite “rare to see” much more

if its a pair of gents and lady sized together like this ones..

It’s a nice pair,

Enjoy!!…. but beware & watch out for that hand will not skip you an eye !!!


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