Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 70s Watches (But Were Afraid To Ask)






Estos Relojes eran los que dieron en los 70 la verdadera popularidad a Ernest Schneider

Los jump hours , con esa distintiva forma de ver la hora con discos en lugar de agujas, marcaron tendencia.

y  fueron inmensamente populares en la era pre-digital

Eran relojes baratos de fabricar y con ese ingenioso modo de dar la hora abria un nuevo campo de posibilidades en cuanto al diseño.

Detalle del dial

Detalle Del Plexi

Con su caracteristico Doble ventana y su look estilo Parkimetro, 

Este Azul Marino era sin duda su modelo Estrella

Sicura Digital D500 Ref 948142

El movimiento un sencillo Baumgartner bg866 de 17j

Basicamente, Otro reloj barato de producir y de baja calidad,

que sin embargo posee mucha personalidad como todo lo que producia Scheneider por aquellas fechas

Un Bonito Ejemplar Con bracelete Racing Setentero a mas no poder

de TheRetroWorld


La Cuestión  es que hace tiempo  yo tuve un D500

En mi coleccion personal New Old Stock  Perfecto,


El caso es que forma parte de esos relojes que deje pasar y me arrepiento Enormente,

porque ya no he vuelto a ver otro en esas mismas condiciones…si bien almenos

abandonó su hogar en mi caja fuerte por una buena causa…como no…otro Spaceman..;-)

El modelo tambien se fabricaba en otros colores

por ejemplo Rojo

Y en Dorado o Amarillo

Sicura Digital D500 Ref 948222

Las cajas eran originalmente parte pulida a espejo parte cepillado,

los modelos como estos que veais totalmente pulidos, lo han sido a posteriori

Ademas existieron otras variantes a tener en cuenta

Por ejemplo estas con los discos en blanco y /o Naranja

Denominadas Digistar

Sicura Digistar Ref 953133/953143

y Las Variantes Selfwinding

y Water Protected

Con movimiento automatico Brevets BFG 158

Denominadas  SICURA HUNTER

Sicura HUNTER Ref 900143

Sicura HUNTER Ref 900293

Y Por Ultimo la Maravillosa versión DIGISTAR con caja de barril


En los 70 hubo muchos Modelos diferentes de jump hours,

pero si me preguntan por algun modelo…

El primero que siempre se me viene a la cabeza es un Sicura



The Sicura Digital D500 Series

These are the watches in the 70’s that gave the true popularity to the Ernest Schneider Brand. 

The jump hours,

with that distinctive way of  Displaying   the time with disks instead of Conventional Hands, marked trend back in the day, and were immensely popular in the pre-digital Era.

This Watches were cheap to manufacture and with that ingenious way of telling the time, opened a new field of possibilities in design.

Detail of the dial

Detail of Plexi

With his characteristic double-glazing 

and stylish Parking Meter Look,

The Navy Blue Model was certainly the star Of the Range

With a cheap Plaque case,

and a Simple 1 OR 17J

Baumgartner BG866 Movement,

They where Basically, 

another cheaper to produce,  and low-quality,  70s watch,

which nevertheless has a great personality,  like everything that  Schneider Produced at that time

Anyway, I had for long

In my personal collection A Perfect D500 New Old Stock, Example,

This One :

The fact is that this is one of those watches that i miss and I regret enormously, 

not to have in my collection anymore

because I have not seen one again in the same condition.

but at least …it left its home in my safe for a good cause 

… of course … For another Spaceman Watch..;-)

The model was also manufactured  in other colors Scheme combinations

For example in Red
And in Gold or Yellow

The Cases were originally part mirror polished, part brushed,

Models like these that you see totally polished, have been retrospectively Repolished Afterwards

In addition there were other alternatives to consider

For example those with White and/or Orange Discs
and the Selfwinding  & Water Protected Variants

This Variants called  Sicura “HUNTER”

Those Came With Automatic movement brevets BFG 158

And last but not least  the

Wonderful Rounded barrel Case versions,  with orange Date discs

This Variants called  Sicura “Digistar”

Sicura Digistar (Various references)

The Moral of This Entry ?,

In the 70’s there were many different models of jump hours,

but if you ask me for any model …

The first that always comes to mind is a Sicura

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 comentarios

  1. Hej! If you are going to steal my photos, please ask first! Thanks!

    The Retro World


    16 mayo, 2012 en 11:42

    • Hi Russell, have you read the Disclaimer?


      Since I wrote the majority of this posts long ago, and your site has been a reference guide for 70s watches lovers for ages,
      im afraid there must be photos and references to some of your watches all over the place,

      Let me know which are the offending photos, and i will remove them if you wish, but as this place is non commercial
      only intended for didactic purposes and im just a hobbyist collector and not a jeweller, i dont really see the point.

      in fact, i apologize because i had believed for long time your site was somewhat abandoned, as i did not see much updates thru the years, and was not until a couple of weeks ago that i Noticed you have a facebook page, and we could meet and have a small chat

      So i hope you consider any further reference to your place as a compliment, without any misunderstanding.

      best regards mate


      5 junio, 2012 en 21:04

  2. Ahmad


    I have a used Sicura Jump Hour watch. Do you know where I can get the manual for the model?

    23 julio, 2012 en 10:09

    • Sicura does not make any jump hours since the 70s, in fact sicura does not produce mechanical watches anymore
      since its now a chinese quartz brand..there are no manuals online, but those pin lever jump hour watches
      were pretty simple, if you need to repair one, your local watchsmith will be able very easy,
      just choose one old enough and your done.

      23 julio, 2012 en 13:10

  3. bry

    Hello! I nedd schematic for repair a sicura watch, movement work, but not jump..

    22 agosto, 2012 en 0:31


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