Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 70s Watches (But Were Afraid To Ask)






Esta es la version all-black del sorna bullhead Oversize
como veis es la misma  caja volcano y solo varia el dial que en esta ocasion es negro

con dos bonitos subdiales en combinacion de verde -naranja-gris

La Negra es la version mas común de este reloj pero ello no le resta valor a esta cotizada pieza
(minimo 450€/650€)


También se pueden ver distintas versiones de este modelo con

diferentes combinaciones de bisel interior en amarillo y agujas amarillas y roja



En la galeria toda suerte de fotos de este modelo y

no veais lo bien que le sientan a uno de estos unos pantalones panerai de piel de serpiente



Por ultimo tambien puede verse la version bullhead convencional con este dial,

tanto en caja dorada como en pvd





la marca sorna ha sido reeditada actualmente por la marca TRIAS en alemania

y se fabrican replicas legales de los clasicos diseños de sorna en los 70, eso si con movimientos asiaticos..





This is the all-black version of the Sorna Bullhead Oversize model,
as you can see its the same  volcano case and only  varies the dial,

on this occasion is black with  both Subdials in a  beautiful combination of green-orange-gray

The Volcano black is the most common version of this watch,

but it does not detract any value from this piece  usually  expensive listed 

(minimum 450 € / 650 €)

You can also find different versions of this model
in several  combinations of inner bezel/hands  in yellow or red

In the gallery all sorts of photos of this model and

how well this watch feels one of these snakeskin panerai “pants”


Finally you can also see in the gallery  the conventional bullhead,
fitted with this version of the dial
both in gold case or pvd

Today Sorna has been reissued by the brand TRIAS currently in Germany and they

manufacture legal replicas of classic designs but with  Asian movements.


4 comentarios

  1. Kristian

    Hi, do you have a good recommendation for affordable servicing of the EB 8420 movement? Received a NOS volcano bullhead on Friday and it’s already having issues… Thanks!

    24 noviembre, 2014 en 12:19

    • Well there’s no official service for sorna, but an EB8420 should be easy to fix, visit your local watchmaker or ask in the forums

      24 noviembre, 2014 en 14:32

      • Kristian

        Thanks for the reply, I will try a local retired watchmaker and if too hairraising will investigate the option of sending it somewhere. Just a question though, what sort of power reserve are you getting from the EB8420? I wound the watch fully and left it dial up in the watch box to see how long it would run. It stopped after 27.5 hours. According to the online information I’ve found the EB8420 should have a power reserve of 42 hours. I’m wondering if maybe the 42 hours doesn’t necessarily apply to all watches equipped with this movement? Or could it be old sticky oil making it run that much shorter than the spec? As mentioned it’s NOS and would then have been in storage for about 40 years! It looks clean inside except for a small stain on a cog that doesn’t visibly move (hour wheel perhaps). Keeps ok time (lost about 3 mins in the 27,5 hours).

        26 noviembre, 2014 en 10:36

      • A power reserve of 42hours, it’s about right.. When new, as you said old dry oils, will lower the total amount, with a proper service it will improve, it’s the same for every watch has been sitting still throughout several years, new old stock or not

        26 noviembre, 2014 en 16:12


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